Spring Cleaning

The start of a new season is the perfect time to refresh your home. As the weather begins to warm up and we slowly come out of winter hibernation, we notice just how badly our homes need a spring cleaning. Get started on your spring cleaning checklist today and get ready to enjoy the feeling of a pristine home.


Inside Checks

Overlooked Spots

We often overlook places we see every day and may not notice how dirty they actually are. Pay special attention to areas such as baseboards, door frames, walls, and lighting fixtures. Another key area we rarely clean ourselves is under furniture and appliances. By getting rid of excess dust, dirt and debris, your home will feel cleaner and fresher for the new season.


Organize Everything

Once your home has been cleaned, it’s time to start organizing it. Start by figuring out what to keep and what to get rid of, and then organize your space in a way that works for your household and lifestyle.


But what to do once all the junk is out of the closet and sitting in your hallway taking up space? First try giving away the good items to family, friends or charity. When it comes to the items nobody wants, simply hire a junk removal company to take away that old dresser and broken stereo. You’ll feel lighter instantly and won’t have to worry about that old couch sitting on your front lawn.


Keep Carpets Clean

Carpets see a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis, but with the winter and holiday season just behind us, it’s likely your carpets have seen more traffic than usual. Just think of all the people you had in and out of your home for parties and get-togethers. Who knows what’s now embedded in your carpet fibres. One issue with carpets is that they can easily trap allergens and smells. These allergens can make it difficult to breathe and cause allergy-like symptoms. Foul odours can also stay trapped deep within your carpet if not cleaned. Start by airing out area rugs. For a deeper clean or larger areas, make an appointment with a carpet cleaning specialist.


Outside Checks

Sparkling Windows

One of the best things about spring is the return of sunnier days. To make the most of them, clean your windows so that spring sunshine can fill your home with a warm glow. Take the time to wipe down the interior of your windows, and plan to have a window cleaning company come by to clean the exterior.


Ensure Gutters Are Working

Ignoring your gutters in the spring is a bad idea. Over the past few months, your gutters have become full of dead leaves and who knows what else. With spring showers on their way, it’s essential that your gutters are clean. Full gutters prohibit rainwater from properly draining off your roof and away from your home, which can result in damage to your foundation and even flooding.


Power Wash Winter Away

Much like your windows and gutters, the exterior of your home gets dirty throughout the winter months. After a winter of heavy snow and rain, you’ll want to refresh the outside of your home to wash away the debris. The easiest way to clean your home’s exterior is with a power washer.


Bonus: Safety Check

It’s always important to put safety first when it comes to your home. If you’ve been neglecting certain tasks, make them a part of your annual spring cleaning so that you remember to do it every year. Go around your home and check your fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and security systems. Replace any batteries necessary and be sure to test everything.


Another important safety measure is to make sure to clean the lint trap and vents in your dryer. Lint accumulation causes reduced airflow in dryer vents, and the two combined can create the right conditions for a fire. Be safe and make sure your lint traps and dryer vents are cleaned after every use.

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