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Homeservice Club™ would like you to join our team! The skill and reliability of our contractors has made Homeservice Club™ a household name in Toronto for over 50 years. We sell your services and provide you with quality leads – and worry about the billing – leaving you the time to do what you do best.

Are you looking for good quality leads from homeowners in need of your services at no cost?
Done with the costs of advertising and not getting a lead?

Homeservice Club of Canada is looking for additional trades in:

Rubbish Removal – Greater Toronto Area
Window Cleaning – Greater Toronto Area
Appliance Repair – Greater Toronto Area
Paving – Greater Toronto Area
Roofing – Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke and Richmond/Thornhill
Aluminum Repair and Installation – Greater Toronto Area
Fencing/Decks – Greater Toronto Area
Stucco – Greater Toronto Area
Furniture Finishing/Reupholstery – Greater Toronto Area
Tiling/Drywall – Greater Toronto Area
Carpentry – Greater Toronto Area
General Contractors – Greater Toronto Area
Lawncare/Grass Cutting – Greater Toronto Area

The skill and reliability of our contractors has made Homeservice Club™ a household name in the Greater Toronto Area for over 50 years.
We sell your services and provide you with quality leads – and worry about the billing – leaving you the time to do what you do best.

What is Homeservice Club™?

Homeservice Club™ was established to protect homeowners against inferior workmanship and overcharging. Since 1961 we have been providing homeowners with reliable and honest tradespeople for every type of home repair and emergency service.

Over the years, Homeservice Club™ has grown steadily and is now serving more than 60,000 homeowners in the Greater Toronto area.

For our Club-authorized contractors, this means a steady supply of jobs in their individual areas of expertise.

For our Members, it means knowing they will receive prompt, reliable service at competitive prices. Members know both the contractor and Homeservice Club™ will stand behind their work – it is our Double Guarantee of Satisfaction.

What can Homeservice Club™ do for me, the independent contractor?

As part of the Homeservice Club™ network, you will have access to homeowners who are ready to hire tradespeople to do their home repairs and improvements. Our statistics show that up to 70% of the quotes you give will translate into real dollars!

We advertise, sell your services, and provide you with quality leads. This means you can concentrate on doing what you do best!

How much work can I expect from Homeservice Club™ orders?

Tradespeople like you are selected because we have a specific need in your area of expertise. Unlike a referral agency, Homeservice Club™ only takes on the specific trades that members are requesting.

It’s all about supply and demand in the marketplace. And with over 3,000 orders coming in every month, the demand is there for your services.

How is billing handled for the work I do?

That’s the great advantage to being a Homeservice Club™-authorized contractor – your payment is guaranteed!

When you do a job for a Homeservice Club™ member, they pay you with a cheque made payable to Homeservice Club™. You bring in a copy of the contract and the cheque, and we issue payment to you immediately. This system also applies to deposits and final payments.

As a Homeservice Club™ contractor, you don’t have to worry about bad cheques, delayed payments or collections – we do it for you. We provide you with simplified estimating, bookkeeping and billing forms (at a nominal fee) to make your job even easier.

Sounds like a great arrangement! But what's in it for Homeservice Club™?

The contractor pays a small commission on each job. The amount varies according to the type of job, so ask your Homeservice Club™ Representative for details.

Are there other benefits to becoming a Homeservice Club™-authorized contractor?

Yes! Homeservice Club™ contractors can take advantage of Club benefits plans, group insurance, and trade discounts.

What do I need to become an authorized Homeservice Club™ contractor?

* High standards of quality workmanship
* Required license(s)
* A Criminal Background Check is requested if no license is required
* 2 million Commercial General Liability Insurance
* Business Registration
* H.S.T. Registration Form
* References

If you need assistance with the above documentation or have any questions, please contact our Contractor Advisor, Sarah Reynolds, by
or by phone at 416 925 1111 ext. 4013

Do I need Liability Insurance?

Yes. This is protection for you, us, and our members.

If you haven’t obtained it yet, Homeservice Club’s program for Contractor’s Insurance is a great way to save you time and money as well as provide you with the protection needed in today’s home renovation industry.

Our Contractor Insurance Packages start as low as $750.00 (based on underwriting eligibility).

For more information call us at 416 925 1111

Note: You must be a Homeservice Club Contractor to be eligible.

When can I start?

Once you’ve met our requirements, we can put you to work almost immediately!

We guarantee you a minimum of 50 leads at no cost!

Contact us at 416-925-1111 or fill out the form below

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