Happy Mother's Day!

Check out these ways to totally crush Mother’s Day this year, whether you’re celebrating your Mom, Grandma, Wife, Aunt, Sister or other special person. If you’re sending love from a distance or if you’re at home with the lucky lady, we’ve got you covered. Keep traditions alive, even if they need to change a bit.

Help in the Garden
Is Mom obsessed with her garden? Head over and do some weeding with her, at a safe distance if necessary. Getting some dirt under your fingernails proves it’s not all about material things,

Flower Delivery
Flower Delivery services are at the ready. They’ve got bundles and baskets and bouquets and budding blooms! This is a sure fire way to send your love even if you can’t be there. Check out a shop local to where you want them delivered. What a classic way to remind her that she brightens your day.

Brunch Delivery
Whether you’re at home with the lady of the hour, or you want to send some love, try ordering from her favourite brunch place and having it delivered. Nothing says “I Love You” like eggs benny.

Distant Backyard Meet-Ups
Are you trying to enjoy Mother’s Day with your Mom, but you don’t live together? Try a socially distant backyard meetup. Keep that 2 meters of safety, but bring some sodas and a camping chair, and catch up while the sun is shining and birds are singing.

Book Delivery
If you’re looking for a longer lasting gift, get a book delivered to her door. It won’t wilt like flowers, and what’s better than the gift of knowledge? A gift card to her favourite e-book provider is also a great choice!

Have the Kids Make Cards
This is an awesome one for Grandma. Have the kids sit down this week and pull out the crayons, paint, dry pasta, and glitter. Help them whip up some sweet, sweet art and mail it out! Who doesn’t like fun mail?

At Home Spa Day
Plan a well-deserved spa day without leaving the house. Pick up or order some facial masks, foot scrub, and bath bombs. Light some candles, download a spa playlist and make some cucumber water. Consider your house transformed and tranquil.

Delicious Treats Delivered
What does she crave most? Chocolate? Doughnuts? Specialty crème puffs? Whatever the answer is, get an order in asap and have them ready for a special last minute treat.

Mimosas Delivered
A lot of places are doing alcohol delivery now. Put a bottle of sparkling wine and some OJ in your cart and send it off to that life-giving saint who might need a drink. (May as well order some for yourself, too.)

Themed Video Call
Jump on this trend! Themed video calls are tons of fun and some service providers offer a way to create custom backgrounds! Try doing a tea party theme, outrageous outfits, or Parisian vacation – something would Mom loves. Make a menu beforehand, or have the same restaurant deliver to each home.

Baking Drop-Off
There’s nothing quite as special as homemade baked goods being dropped off at the door. Kids can decorate sugar cookies, or you can whip up a special chocolate cake. Whatever you make, any Mom knows how much love goes into something like that.

Take an Online Class Together
There are hundreds of online classes available. Try taking a cooking class “together” or a crafting class. If you’re used to doing things together with Mom, this is an awesome way to experience something fun regardless of the distance.

Have her Grandkids Interview Her
Have you ever wanted to know more about Mom or Grandma but never really had the chance to ask? A fun activity is to get her grandkids do an interview with her (you can tie it in with a school project!). Make a list of questions as if the kids are journalists and their Grandma is the star of a featured article.

Walk/Bike Around Town
If you’re able, head out for a nice, sunny walk or bike ride. Enjoy some nature and bring the camera and snap some shots. Getting some fresh air and exercise is a great way to spend time together. (Many parks still allow nature walks while physical distancing).

From all of us at Homeservice Club, Happy Mother’s Day! We’re still here for all of your emergency, and home repair and renovation needs.

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