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Beginning a new task can feel intimidating, especially when attention to detail is vital. Now is a good time to create a plan for your yard. Gardening requires research, patience, and direction, and by following a few essential tips, you can become an expert in no time.

Fresh Start

New growth cannot occur where existing plants still remain. You may have already noticed a plethora of dead plants from previous years, a great way to kick start your garden is to dig out all the old plants that were previously there. Do not forget about the roots that remain beneath the soil. Perennials can remain, however annuals should be removed as they only survive one growing season. This will allow you to begin your project with a blank canvas, and create space for new additions.

Location, Location

When transforming your lawn, having a plan is essential to being satisfied with your results. Selecting plants that will align well with the environment of your lawn will ease stress during, and after this project. Think of plants as living beings, they will continue to grow permitted they have the space and resources to do so. To ensure your plants thrive, check if they need full sun, half sun, or full shade and place them in the corresponding area. Consider water requirements and the type of drainage you have. You want your plants to feel comfortable and able to expand to their full potential, including their roots. To help your plants have breathing room, place them in their designated spaces with an imaginary plant between.

Speedy Weeds

When it comes to maximizing the growth of your garden, there is one plant you want to minimize, weeds! By having a regularly scheduled weed picking party, you will help prevent the rapid growth of this common pet peeve. Pulling weeds while they are still small decreases the seeds released in your garden, preventing expansion. Add new soil to freshen up and have a clean space for your plants to live. Put mulch on top of your soil and around your plants to slow weed advancement and help lock in moisture. Ensure your mulch is spread equally around your garden with no more than three inches in height. Allow a few inches around the stem to help your plants grow safe and strong without interference.

Gardening is not an overnight skill and can be quite overwhelming when not done correctly. However, by utilizing these tips, your dream garden is in reach. For best results, make sure you plant right the first time!

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