Exterior Painting Trends

Unless you’ve been driving around with blinders on you’re sure to have noticed the prevalence of very dark exterior colours on homes by now. Exterior paint colour trends for 2020 practically starts and ends with black, charcoal, navy and other very dark hues. These Darker homes started showing up in about 2014 or 2015 but dark houses seem to be moving more and more into the mainstream.

Chances are you’ll see more dark homes in cities and the countryside ­– the trend is lagging in the suburbs. While these colours seem most appropriate for very modern homes, you’ll note dark hues on historic homes like the Victorian above as well as colonials and other architectural styles – to the delight of some and horror of others.


What’s New in 2020

While black, near black and other shadowy colours have been gaining popularity, what’s current and much welcomed is the addition of warm woods or stone to the exterior. Adding warm natural tones makes a huge impact, moving the overall look away from doom and gloom (as some perceive it) and into approachable.

Another way to keep up the cheerful factor is to partner the dark body colour with bright white trim. You’ll find this mix with black, green, and the very popular, navy blue facade.


Colour Blocking

Here, different sections of the home are assigned their own colour. If judiciously applied this adds great individuality to a home. Black and white is becoming a popular combo for this treatment though it can work with earth tones as well.



No conversation about exterior paint colour trends could be complete without talking about white. White will forever be a favorite for all architectural styles. Gaining traction now are “almost whites.” Though they appear to be white to the eye these whites are not as high-contrast and glaring in the sun. These soft whites can combine with just about any other colour, although mixing with pale neutrals is a particularly lovely choice.


Neutrals and earth tones

Always. They will always be popular and in style. They blend with the colours in our environment and create a harmonious and serene house exterior. Two particular favourites of mine are ochre and grey.


Front Doors

Any discussion of house exterior paint colours would not be complete without mentioning front doors. Popular this year is yellow, found everywhere on every style of home and evokes feelings of spring.

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