We have always been so thankful for Homeservice Club and the help that has come to us in various areas of household needs. And this time we were once again thrilled that our rodent problem was dealt with in such a helpful and extremely courteous manner.

Cont# 9056 RO# 018859 Member# 088447

Mark was very skilled and explained the process well. He removed 5 racoon babies from our roof soffit and then skillfully arranged a tray door so the racoon mother would not be able to re-enter and would have to relocate the babies to another location. He was efficient and obviously has knowledge and respect for wildlife so we appreciate his efforts to achieve pest removal in a humane way. We hope to



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We really appreciate how quickly this was handled. I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon, had two quotes by Thursday and the job was completed by Saturday afternoon. Nicely done.

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Beautiful work with Tony. He paid the utmost of attention to the details, no shortcuts. Will definitely use him next time I require painting work.

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We were most impressed with the contractor’s approach to the job. He kept us aware of what he was doing throughout; he reset all the furniture and window dressings he had to move; he kept a very neat and tidy work area. Overall this was the most positive contractor we have ever had.

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