I trust the contractors under the Homeservice Club umbrella. The work is double guaranteed and there are standards a contractor must meet before Homeservice Club will accept them. We have always had quality work done by our contractors and a follow-up by the club to ensure that the work was done to our satisfaction. When we have need of a contractor for any given job we ask Homeservice Club first. Your home is your single most precious asset in your lifetime so it pays to find the right people to do quality work.

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Sam came through in every way. He excelled in all aspects of the job. The work was timely and perfectly detailed. His attention to our needs was most appreciated and he consistently came through by looking out for our interests. I would not hesitate to use him again and can assure you that we will be asking for Sam exclusively for any further renovations down the road.

I have to mention that as much as Sam was the perfect contractor for us, the workmanship and attention to detail were performed by Carl and Emerson. These two artisans were amazing — our total kitchen reno, living room floors, and extras are flawless and simply beautiful. I can’t imagine ever using anyone but Carl or Emerson and can only hope that they will still be with Homeservice Club the next time we call.

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