This was the best contractor that I have ever had through Homeservice Club.

I have been very happy and satisfied with all previous contractors too.

Though we had to reschedule the initial appointment for emergency work reasons, he gave me plenty of notice. He was very professional, calm, king, friendly, and very happy to inform me about how my heating and A/C was performing and taught be about what I should be aware of for my future maintenance program.

I will gladly ask for this contractor for all my future heating and A/C work!

Thank you Homeservice Club!

Cont#7264 RO# 022766 Member# 712468

The contractor’s thorough and professional work regarding what is usually thought of as a routine furnace cleaning uncovered while in my presence an extremely small but of course potentially deadly gas leak in the lines leading to the furnace. He repaired it and took great care to ensure that it had indeed been fixed before continuing with the furnace cleaning itself. In my view this level of professionalism and pride in ones work is unfortunately becoming overly rare, and I hope that in these difficult circumstances the Homeservice Club will continue to strive to find more such competent contractors in the future.

Cont#7264 RO# 024810 Member# 718833

We were very pleased with the locksmith that you sent. The job was very challenging and he patiently stuck with it and completed the job in excellent fashion. We would certainly use his services again.

Cont# 07014 RO# 018922 Member# 013606

Andy and Patrick were excellent they went out of their way to explain to be what they were doing every step of the way, I would highly recommend this company, true professionals.

Cont#7041 RO# 021540 Member# 720563

I was impressed by the contractor’s punctuality and professionalism. He did an excellent job. I would definitely use him again.

Cont# 7311 RO# 041658 Member# 059426

The contractor sent by Homeservice Club was punctual and courteous. I would definitely use him again – thanks for a job well done!


Cont# 7311 RO# 041220 Member# 719674

Very good communication. Explain clearly what will be done for the job.

Highly recommended

Cont# 7311 RO# 033898 Member# 121094

The gentlemen were very professional. They show respect in their work. They explained before doing addition work that was not included in the estimate. They did not waste time to get the job completed and communicated step by step to ensure my understanding. They answered all my questions without hesitation showing me they knew what they were doing. I would hire them again if need be.

Cont#7351 RO# 041650 Member# 181865

I trust the contractors under the Homeservice Club umbrella. The work is double guaranteed and there are standards a contractor must meet before Homeservice Club will accept them. We have always had quality work done by our contractors and a follow-up by the club to ensure that the work was done to our satisfaction. When we have need of a contractor for any given job we ask Homeservice Club first. Your home is your single most precious asset in your lifetime so it pays to find the right people to do quality work.

Cont#9106 RO# 033409 Member# 045918