A COVID Free Canada Day

  1. The List

This year, your Canada Day gathering will feel a little more… exclusive. Just embrace that angle and dive headfirst into the VIP theme by inviting only those in your immediate household and others who have already confirmed they’re part of your extended “social bubble.” Rules and regulations around group sizes vary from place to place so check with your local public health unit!


  1. Clean Hands Save Lives

For everyone’s peace of mind, consider scattering hand sanitizer pumps throughout your yard for easy use. If the nearest stores are out of stock, consider making your own DIY hand sanitizer (ensure you’re using an adequate amount of alcohol to make it effective). If you’re feeling extra-crafty you can make your own cloth face masks – of the sew or no-sew variety – that guests can take home afterward.


  1. Red (White)

A red and white colour scheme is a no-brainer for a Canada Day celebration, but consider giving it a modern DIY-inspired spin. Having your colour scheme flow right down to the cutlery helps complete the look.


  1. Seasonally Aware

We know that temperatures can be unreliable at best this time of year, but a good host will prepare for everything – with bottles of SPF and bug spray on hand — and warm wraps for every guest when the sun sets. You can also plan a simultaneous virtual event to include other loved ones in the festivities.


  1. Flower Power

Big white blooms add texture and cheer to a table, especially one draped in a bold red table runner or surrounded by red cutlery. Consider supporting local and shop at independent online plant stores.


  1. Amuse Bouche

This year, it’s best to skip “shareable snacks” – avoid: gooey dips, nachos or BBQ eats that potentially require people to physically touch multiple pieces of food or condiments with their hands. Instead, keep all food tong-friendly, bite-sized portions so guests can easily move about and keep their distance.


  1. On Theme

When it comes to Canada Day desserts, we often resort to the classic strawberry shortcake. This year, try one of these instead .


  1. Hakuna Moscato

Have drinks and glassware set up (and spread out throughout your backyard) so guests can easily help themselves without having to stand in line. Make sure you’ve clearly marked everyone’s cups with a name sticker or different coloured straws to avoid any mix-ups. Keep an eye on beverages, have plenty of ice on hand, and there should be no worries.


  1. Economical Decorating

Backyard decor shouldn’t break the bank – nor does it have to follow a rigid red-and-white patriotic theme. Consider whimsical alternatives such as string lights, lanterns and leftover gift wrap that can act as table runners. Speaking of those string lights, there are tons of ways to use them – Pinterest is probably 90% string light decor at this point.


  1. Protocol

Choose one of the many genius ways people have come up with to encourage social distancing – we’re all going to be glad to see each other, but it’s our job to keep each other safe. Consider hula hoops, paint circles, or even printed maple leaves to indicate safe perimeters.

it’s inevitable that guests will need to use the bathroom at some point, but the province advises against letting people walk through each others’ houses as we continue to practice social distancing. Ensure that everyone sanitizes and wears a mask before entering your home to minimize risk.

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