6 Top Seasonal Projects

As the COVID-19 is still evolving on a daily basis, it is important we all take the necessary steps to keep each other safe and healthy. During this time of physical distancing, you may still need work done at your home. Whether it’s an emergency repair or a project you need to finish, Homeservice Club contractors are still available.

This is a good time to focus on outdoor projects. Here are some we’re thinking of:

  • Repair or replace any casualties of a long winter, like rotting steps or rickety railings
  • Put your best face forward and paint or replace your front door to give your home a new, cheery appearance
  • Don’t be the neighbour who still has a holiday wreath or snow shovel hanging out – pack them away until next year.
  • Freshen up by painting the outside of your home – and maybe the shed and workshop too while you’re at it – If this is the year you finally commit to a sunroom addition, or that picture-perfect desk – give us a call today to start on that dream backyard
  • Maintaining your lawn requires work – let the lawncare experts worry about aerating, mowing, trimming, fertilizing, curing and everything else.

Call now to connect with our club-authorized contractors and be ready to begin work as soon as it’s safe to get started.

Stay Healthy and Safe – From All of Us At Homeservice Club!
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